Drones har släppts och jag måste bara säga att jag älskar hela albumet. Tydligen finns det även en story bakom hela albumet, enligt Matt Bellamy, sångaren. Storyn handlar om en människa som förlorar hoppet och sedan blir utnyttjad av militären, för att sedan slå tillbaka mot systemet. Jag kan länka hela låtlistan när den kommer ut på youtube, ni får helt enkelt stå ut tills dess!
Kopierat från musewiki:
"In Dead Inside the protagonist loses the love of his life, his love is unrequited and he's left behind, loses hope and feels lost, he feels abandoned and vulnerable; loses the idea of love and it leads him to a dark place after that and meets the Drill Sergeant which tells him that "Love, will get him nowhere".
In Psycho he gets brainwashed by the military, which turns him into a psycho killer and says that his "Ass" or "Soul" now belongs to him.
In Mercy the protagonist knows and recognizes that he has lost something, he has lost himself. He tries to fight against the people trying to control his mind and making him doing stuff they want to do and hopes that someone can "save him" because he has "fallen".
In Reapers the protagonist goes to war.
In The Handler the protagonist realizes that he doesn't wants to be under control of 'The Handler' and rebels.
In JFK everything does a transition.
In Defector the protagonist is free again, defects from the system, takes again control of his life and says that "they can't control him", he swears that he's going to overthrow his goverment.
In Revolt the protagonist begins to believe in himself but also tries to convince all the people that they can "make this world what they want"
In Aftermath the protagonist finally found someone to love and assures that "From this moment she will never be alone" and that they are now "bound together and forever". The first story ends here.
The Globalist is, according to Matt Bellamy, the second story of the album, and narrates the rise and fall of the Dictator from his point of view; The protagonist confronts him but the Dictator tries to convice him by saying that he "was never truly loved" and that he can be his "commander in chief" but before he can do something, the Dictator throws his bombs across the world and destroys it all and after all the mess he did, he and the protagonist are left alone in the world and says that now it's time to "To hunt and gather memories of the great nation we were" and he tells him that "It's gone, you know it's gone for good", in the end the Dictator excuses himself by saying "I just wanted, I just needed to be loved".
In Drones the protagonist, alone in the world with the Dictator, laments the loss of his loved ones and everything ends with an "Amen"."


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